This page shows you how to upgrade from SQLFlow 5.x to SQLFlow 6.x

You can refer to the following page if you would like to know the difference between SQLFlow 5.x and SQLFlow 6.x

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Step1: Backup Old Data

mv /wings/sqlflow/* /wings/bak/sqlflow

Step2: Install the SQLFlow 6.x


Step3: Migrate your SQLFlow Jobs

cp -r <old sqlflow backup>/data/job/*  <new sqlflow>/data/job/

Step4: Migrate your SQLFlow Data

cp -r <old sqlflow backup>/conf/sqlflow.sqlite  <new sqlflow>/conf/

Step5: Move your License File

cp -r <old sqlflow backup>/conf/gudu_sqlflow_license.txt  <new sqlflow>/conf/

Step6: Start SQLFlow 6.x

sudo /wings/sqlflow/backend/bin/backend.sh

Please send an email to support@gudusoft.com if there's any issues with your license file.

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