Collects the end-to-end column-level data lineage in the Data Warehouses environment by analyzing SQL script especially stored procedure like PL/SQL.

This tool introduces a new data lineage model that is compatible with the Apache Atlas type system to describle the data flow of table/columns.

This tool is built from the scratch, it is the main part of the backend of the SQLFlow Cloud.


  • [Ver2.2.0, 2022/07/21] Use /env parameter to provide metadata.

  • [Ver2.1.2, 2021/07/13] Update readme, illustrates how to connect to database instance in command line.

  • [Ver2.1.1, 2021/07/12] Update download, data lineage model document.

  • [Ver2.1.0, 2021/07/11] Release gsp core

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