"Usage: java DataFlowAnalyzer [/f <path_to_sql_file>] [/d <path_to_directory_includes_sql_files>] [/stat] [/s [/topselectlist] [/text] ] [/i] [/ic] [/lof] [/j] [/json] [/traceView] [/t <database type>] [/o <output file path>] [/version] [/env <path_to_metadata.json>] [/tableLineage [/csv]] [/transform [/coor]]");

System.out.println("/f: Optional, the full path to SQL file.");
System.out.println("/d: Optional, the full path to the directory includes the SQL files.");
System.out.println("/j: Optional, return the result including the join relation.");
System.out.println("/s: Optional, simple output, ignore the intermediate results.");
System.out.println("/topselectlist: Optional, simple output with top select results.");
"/i: Optional, the same as /s option, but will keep the resultset generated by the SQL function.");
"/if: Optional, keep all the intermediate resultset, but remove the resultset generated by the SQL function");
System.out.println("/ic: Optional, ignore the coordinates in the output.");
System.out.println("/lof: Option, link orphan column to the first table.");
"/traceView: Optional, only output the name of source tables and views, ignore all intermedidate data.");
"/text: Optional, this option is valid only /s is used, output the column dependency in text mode.");
System.out.println("/json: Optional, print the json format output.");
System.out.println("/stat: Optional, output the analysis statistic information.");
System.out.println("/tableLineage [/csv]: Optional, output tabel level lineage.");
System.out.println("/csv: Optional, output column level lineage in csv format.");
System.out.println("/t: Option, set the database type. "
+ "Support access,bigquery,couchbase,dax,db2,greenplum,hana,hive,impala,informix,mdx,mssql,\n"
+ "sqlserver,mysql,netezza,odbc,openedge,oracle,postgresql,postgres,redshift,snowflake,\n"
+ "sybase,teradata,soql,vertica\n, " + "the default value is oracle");
System.out.println("/o: Optional, write the output stream to the specified file.");
System.out.println("/log: Optional, generate a dataflow.log file to log information.");
System.out.println("/env: Optional, specify a metadata.json to get the database metadata information.");
System.out.println("/transform: Optional, output the relation transform code.");
System.out.println("/coor: Optional, output the relation transform coordinate, but not the code.");
System.out.println("/defaultDatabase: Optional, specify the default schema.");
System.out.println("/defaultSchema: Optional, specify the default schema.");
System.out.println("/showImplicitSchema: Optional, show implicit schema.");

System.out.println("/withTemporaryTable: Optional, simple output with the temporary tables.");

Here is the list of available database after /t option:


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