Basic Usage

This page gives a breif introduction on the main functions of SQLFlow UI. Details will be given in the page link.

Visualize a query

Read more about how to use our SQLText Editor here.

Visualize SQL files

You can also get the data lineage by analyzing your SQL files and you will need to create a job to do that. Read more about the SQL files visualization here.

Visualize database

You may want directly connecting to your database and generate data lineage. You can find more details about how to do that here.

Share the data lineage

You can share your data lineage schema by simply right click the data unit and click the share button. A url will be generated so that you can share the schema to others

Visualize JOIN

Understand more on JOIN here.

Upstream and Downstream data lineage

to upstream/to downstream simplifies the data lineage so that you can have a straightforward view on the relationships. Read more about this feature here.

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