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This article shows how to use the SQLFlow Rest API to communicate with the SQLFlow server and get the generated metadata and data lineage.
In order to use the SQLFlow rest API, you may connect to the SQLFlow Cloud server or setup a SQLFlow on-premise version on your owner server.

SQLFlow Cloud server

If you want to connect to the SQLFlow Cloud Server, you may request a 30 days premium account to get the necessary userId and secret code.
Once getting the premium account, please click the icon at the right top of the screen:
Click the Account menu item to see:
Here you can
  • Copy the userId
  • By default, the Secret key field is empty, please click the generate button to create a new secret key and copy this code.

SQLFlow on-premise version

Please check here to see how to install SQLFlow on-premise version on you own server.
  • User ID
  • Secrete Key
Always set userId to gudu|0123456789 and keep userSecret empty when connect to the SQLFlow on-premise version.

Difference between using SQLFlow Cloud server and SQLFlow on-premise version

  1. 1.
    TOKEN is not needed in the API calls when connect to the SQLFlow on-premise version
  2. 2.
    userId is always set to gudu|0123456789 and userSecret is left empty when connecting to the SQLFlow on-premise version.
  3. 3.
    The server port is 8081 by default for the SQLFlow on-premise version, and There is no need to specify the port.
Please check here if you want read more about the server port of the SQLFlow on-premise version.