Version and Users

Gudu SQLFlow On-Premise has two different versions:

  • Simple version

  • Regular version

Simple Version

The simple version of Gudu SQLFlow On-Premise contains all basic features of Gudu SQLFlow. You will be able to generate data lineage from different SQL sources(SQL script or different db vendors), to visualize the data lineage and to create Simple Job on your server. However, Regular Job cannot be created under the simple version of On-Premise.

Regular Version

You can create Regular Job with the regular version of Gudu SQLFlow On-Premise. Apart from that, On-Premise regular version is same as simple version. You will need to install Clickhouse on your server if you intend to use the regular version. Check this document to see how to setup a regular On-Premise version on your machine.

Check here to understand the difference between Simple Job and Regular Job.

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