Simple mode is enabled by default or in the cases when /s flag is added to the command:

java -jar gudusoft.dlineage.jar /t mssql /f path_to_sql_file /s
java -jar gudusoft.dlineage.jar /t mssql /f path_to_sql_file

In Simple mode, the intermediate results will not be displayed and only fdd relationships are present. The Simple mode is related to two options: setSimpleShowTopSelectResultSet, setSimpleShowFunction and setSimpleShowUdfFunctionOnly.


whether to display the select result set on the top, default value is false.


whether to display function, default value is false.


whether to display only User Define Function, we also need to turn on setSimpleShowFunction as well so that functions are displayed.


dataflowAnalyzer is in Simple mode by default so there's no select result set on the top nethier no function displayed. Sqlflow UI will always have setSimpleShowTopSelectResultSet as true because the select query must be displayed on the top.

dataflowAnalyzer has a function to deal with the dataflow in regular mode and customize the analysis type for the relations. The function can analysize fdd and fdr relations.

Dataflow getSimpleDataflow(Dataflow instance, boolean simpleOutput, List <String> types)
  • instance: dataflow in regular mode

  • simpleOutput: false when showTopSelectResultSet is set to true. true when showTopSelectResultSet is set to false.

  • types: List of relation types, may include values as fdd or fdr. Will analysize fdr when the list contains fdr.

In Dlineage tool we can display temporary tables by adding /withTemporaryTable flag:

java -jar gudusoft.dlineage.jar /t mssql /f path_to_sql_file /withTemporaryTable

Please be aware that ignoring the temporary table starting with "#" in sqlserver is a mandatory behavior, therefore it cannot be displayed even with the /withTemporaryTable flag.

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